Ascendant Light Truck Mounts


Ascendant truck mounted platforms offer industry-leading reach from 3.5t and 7.5t GVW chassis cabs.


In the real world, effective sideways reach is always more important than the ultimate working height and Ascendant make sure that their machines reach further, with a full load in the cage, than any competitor.

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises so Ascendant make sure that when their platforms give an outreach figure, that is how far you can reach. There are no complicated electronics to limit the reach based on load, so there’s much less to go wrong and the machine is simpler to operate, especially in rental fleets.

Ascendant's reputation for robust design and reliability has made Ascendant truck mounts the favourite choice among hire operators and end users alike – less downtime, faster operation and better resale values. Try one yourself and realise what is possible from sound basic design principles and quality British manufacturing.